About GFD

GFD (Global Fact-check Database) is a free public service provided by Mafindo.

The records shown here is entered via Yudistira : https://yudistira.turnbackhoax.id

A GFD-ID, unique hoax identifier, ensures confidence among parties when used to discuss or share information about a case of hoax, provides a baseline for tool evaluation, and enables automated data exchange.

GFD is :

  • # One identifier for one hoax
  • # One standardized description for each hoax
  • # How disparate databases and tools can "speak" the same language
  • # The way to interoperability and better hoax coverage
  • # A basis for evaluation among services, tools, and databases
  • # Free for public download and use

GFD scheme is inspired by CVE : https://cve.mitre.org